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News from wedding's world


Dear girls, certainly no one could imagine what is happening, maybe we have it seen only in some science fiction films where in a world of the future the population is attacked unexpectedly from a silent and fast virus, of which almost nothing is known. Instead it is quite true, we have been living it for several weeks now and we, with total disapproval of this "invasion", are protagonists of this inauspicious situation. Naturally in this context we will consider the consequences on the necessary change of the wedding date, to understand what...


Dear girls, firstly we reassure you that the veil should not be seen as an obligation, but as a personal choice. There are brides who dream of wearing it since childhood and others who just don't want to know. And they don't even want to try it! Over time, the veil has lost most of its symbolic connotations and has become a very fashionable accessory. Certainly for those who decide to wear it, it represents the most loved, desired and romantic one. In short, it is the accessory capable of...

Try for a fee? Why not and why yes

In these days we happened to read some articles written by experts in the Wedding sector who they dealt with the long-standing and debated issue concerning the choice of some Ateliers to request a fee, or a contribution for the trial of clothes. We are obviously aware that this request is not exactly exciting for future brides and, in fact, our company choice has always included a free trial, chosen which will also remain unchanged for the future; word of Sarah and Corinna. In our Atelier, small and intimate but in the historic heart...

Trends 2019

Brides 2019, do you want to know what clothes you'll wear? Of course you want to know! And then, how not to be curious after having fantasized for months trying to imagine your dress, that beautiful, unique dress that awaits you ...