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Accessori, che passione!
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Accessori, che passione!

The importance of the accessory

Today we talk about accessories because it is a topic to be reckoned with for a perfect look.

The accessory that, as we know, goes from the shoe to the hairstyle, is a decisive element that can enhance or, in the worst case, diminish the overall visual impact of the dress itself or even ruin it completely.

How to choose it and what to choose, especially in the intermediate seasons (and here we are talking about shawl in particular), when the climatic situation cannot always guarantee good weather.

For those who get married in the summer season (except for a sudden time … and for this you are ready and get yourself a white parasol), this problem generally does not arise but in any case, for a church wedding, the bon ton suggests covering at least your shoulders completely nude with a small tulle shawl, delicate and absolutely neutral. There are various delicious and economically undemanding models.

For late autumn or even winter, it is essential to think of something different, with a structure and a fabric suitable for the season.

(The sure thing is that we won’t be able to bundle ourselves … not even the coldest!)

In this case we can however indulge ourselves, there are many solutions that respond in the best way to this need and the wedding stylist, with their advice, can direct the best. However, it should always be kept in mind that it is advisable not to overdo it to avoid creating the “overload” effect. If, for example, for climatic reasons it is necessary to wear a rather heavy and long-sleeved jacket, it is advisable to avoid a bulky veil that could make the movements awkward. The combination of dress and shawl should not seem random but must be the result of a careful choice.

As for the veil, if desired, it is appropriate to reflect on the type of dress you will be wearing. A simple, rigorous and minimal dress will allow you to choose a truly sumptuous veil, perhaps with a border in rebrodé or macramé lace, like those that some privileged women have inherited from great-grandmothers.

Conversely, if the dress is important or even in lace, a soft and simple veil is recommended or, in the case of a lace dress, the edge of the veil must strictly be the same as that of the dress.

If the veil may seem too demanding the alternatives certainly are not lacking. You could think of a veil held up by a flower, a bow or a simple circle to have a Star-style air in 40s American films.

For loose or semi-gathered hair the options are truly endless. Thin silvery threads to weave softly between the locks, small clips with pearls, flowers or light spots, tiaras or crowns of flowers.

If you want a “fancy” but not necessarily essential accessory, a jewel belt (perhaps to be combined with a jewel sandal) can revitalize a dress that is too simple or too serious. If the wedding involves the evening reception, in the light of the candles everything will seem magical!

But what about the glove? Is it still fashionable? More than ever, but certainly not just any one and absolutely not the “first communion” glove of the past.

The great Couturiers have always proposed very long scenographic gloves to wear exclusively with mermaid or semi-mermaid dresses, in satin or tulle; obviously the shoulders must be completely uncovered but the glamorous effect is assured.

Romantic and delicate the gloves on the wrist, in tulle or filet lace, to match with dresses with softer skirts or with a certain volume. This too can be “a touch of class” as the British say …

This year in Atelier we focused on an accessory that is really exciting for us: the hood.

In the various versions, very light and impalpable and in the preferred lengths.

We are waiting for you in September for all the news of the season.

Happy holiday!!!!!