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from traditions to latest trends

The Sarah and Corinna’s Atelier, the wedding stylists of a very appreciated television program, intends to show itself as a multi-brand able of offering a variegated and rich aesthetic expression. The collections available reflect the Atelier’s mood: responding to the needs of different women, who share the charm of a such important choice.

Therefore, the journey through the dresses goes from the tradition to the latest trends, keeping intact charm and elegance in the different interpretations of foreign, Italian fashion designers and custom-made couture.

The Capsule Collections signed Sarah and Corinna are the result of a deep and constant research that comes from the study of iconic stylists and from inspirations dictated by personal and inspirational paths. A creativity with street fashion roots less linked to the classic bridal world but equally focused on creating the perfect dress.

In addition, with the help of the staff, made up of excellent professionals, it is possible to fulfill your dreams and make the most beautiful day truly exclusive and unforgettable thanks to tailor-made couture.

Each garment is carefully conceived, designed and manufactured, with attention to every little detail, satisfying the needs of our customers who are first women and then brides.

A selection of non-conformist stylists who represent the style of the atelier and the brides who come to it in absolute synergy.

Glamorous, trendy, innovative collections without ever forgetting the right charmant dose, necessary for a perfect balance between innovation and elegance.

The inspiration, talent and imagination of the stylists present in the atelier give life to real masterpieces. Unique dresses made with precious and original materials, designed for a generation without clichets.

our brides

“If a woman is poorly dressed, you notice her dress. If a woman is impeccably dressed, you notice the woman.”
Coco Chanel