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Who to bring to the test of the dress?

Who to bring to the test of the dress?

First thing … hello to all !! and sorry for this long summer break.

In fact, after the real August holiday, September looks very challenging as usual. We were literally captured by the launch of our Capsule Collection, which is giving us plenty of satisfaction judging by the appreciation our models are enjoying. And then all the arrivals in the Atelier of the new collections … We also know that in September Milan is full of events related to fashion and we could not miss it!

But let’s get back to us because today we are talking about a problem that often occurs when the future bride has to make an appointment to test the dress and that is “WHO CAN I / DO I TAKE?”.

The problem to be solved is above all the bride who is probably having to manage an infinite number of requests from friends and relatives who would like to watch the trial (and unfortunately give too many tips!).

Secondly, there may be a logistical problem. It is unlikely that the Atelier that will host has the possibility of accommodating numerous people all together.

With us, for example, it is anticipated by telephone that the bride must be accompanied by 3 people maximum (but an exception is made on the fourth).

The reasons for our choice are basically three. The first, as we have already mentioned, is a question of space.

The test rooms are designed to accommodate three companions, plus the bride. This to give way to the same to look in the mirror in a complete manner, moving freely. And also to facilitate us during the dressing.

We must understand that we are not in the big American shops but in an Atelier in the heart of Milan that wants to be an exclusive place, but intimate and cozy.

Try to imagine if each of the three brides that we can host at the same time arrive with a following of six, seven people. More brides … more us.

The second and most important reason is that the test of the wedding dress is a magical and exciting moment that needs a bit of concentration, serenity and reflection. And it is a moment that is beautiful to remain intimate. It should be shared with the most important, few people. And not in the midst of a brawl of friends and relatives.

The third reason is that the more people there are, the more opinions will be heard. Often clumsy opinions, even if in good faith.

It is normal for the bride to look in the eyes of those who see her for answers

Moreover each of us has his preferences, taste is something very personal and we often hear ourselves say “I don’t like it” (and we have to tell you the truth … in this group friends are the worst !!)

On the one hand it is normal for everyone to express their opinion on the emotional wave. But too many opinions create confusion and are likely to be less objective.

We have learned over the years to listen to the bride, letting her look at herself, letting her express her feelings. This balance is not easy to find if there are too many people.

So girls, we give you some tips:


MOTHER + SISTERS (only a few at a time if the family is large)

MAMMA + PAPA ‘(only if not a clothing expert)

MOTHER + FRIEND OF THE HEART (only if they get along)





I got it ? and then no one forbids you to choose the dress in peace and then come to the next trials with whomever you want.

But trust me, the surprise effect is always TOP. Word of Stylist.